About us

Hello, may I introduce myself real quick?

My name is Nicole, the woman behind Miss Monkey Polewear.

It all started with a trial hour in Poledance about 6 years ago. Back at the time I had already finished my design studies at the University and was employed in quality management of a fashion company. Three years and many pole training hours later, I became self-employed. That brought new challenges - soon after, the idea to start Miss Monkey Polewear was born!†
Easy-care, yet high quality clothes to feel comfortable in - for daily training hours.

Every product can be combined, no matter which model you're going for. They are made by hand, produced on demand only. Thereby I am able, to also take into account individual customizing for clients. Furthermore, I avoid overproduction by doing this. You'll have to wait 2 or 3 extra days for your desired Outfit of choice. So - if you're looking for a different size or colour, feel free to get in touch with me right away!